Breathless: The unfolding script for 2020, the final full year of the dying 26,000-year Great Age

As 9/11 was unfolding, were you aware that it was a false-flag operation employing sophisticated psychological warfare techniques doubling as an in-plain-sight global public ritual? Neither was I. But that was almost 20 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then. In fact, I wrote a book on the topic, The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual.

But at the time almost two decades ago, I was absolutely clueless. I had no idea that what I was watching was anything other than it appeared to be on the surface. (Continue reading in .pdf format by clicking here. File will automatically download.)

PLUS! An added chapter: “July 12, 2020 – ‘The Twelfth’: All About the Benjamins” (automatic download, .pdf format).

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  1. Billy Ray says:

    Greetings. I would like to get you on my showoff a talk on911 and Black Jack. We made contact on twitter and you asked me to email you but i had the email returned to me. Hoping to hear from you. BRV


  2. There are 75 years of symbolism pointing to a nuclear attack on december 21 2020. I have 5 word documents of snipped images and text around 200 pages each showing this.. I dont have the money for a website and i am having difficulty posting the images. I am attempting to figure out how to do this on my phone. I will attempt to do this and post the link again if i do.


  3. There is an orange behind the jewish actor that arthur murders in the joker. Israel tel aviv is the big orange. There is an orange on the inside of his bashed in skull. The other israel symbols are the olive and the palm tree both also seen in the joker. My name is Hannah Wylie by the way..


  4. here are examples of the olive symbolism in the media. I am not a christian and i don’t believe in the end times. But i am willing to engage in civil dialogue with people of all beliefs. If there are christians in the media i believe the main suspects are the new apostlic reformation cults and the branham connected joel’s army. The people who believe the media is a mountain for them to conquer. The hollywood justin bieber churches are pentecostal and connected to the nar. Branham’s teachings were used at colonia dignidad and he worked with jim jones. I don’t believe that a christian cult represents all of christianity. And i don’t believe that most of the wealthy people using and manipulating these cults are christian. And i think that the olive also has meaning for the middle eastern muslim brotherhood faction in the media.


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