Breathless: The unfolding script for 2020, the final full year of the dying 26,000-year Great Age

As 9/11 was unfolding, were you aware that it was a false-flag operation employing sophisticated psychological warfare techniques doubling as an in-plain-sight global public ritual? Neither was I. But that was almost 20 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then. In fact, I wrote a book on the topic, The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual.

But at the time almost two decades ago, I was absolutely clueless. I had no idea that what I was watching was anything other than it appeared to be on the surface. (Continue reading in .pdf format by clicking here. File will automatically download.)

PLUS! An added chapter: “July 12, 2020 – ‘The Twelfth’: All About the Benjamins” (automatic download, .pdf format).

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  1. Billy Ray says:

    Greetings. I would like to get you on my showoff a talk on911 and Black Jack. We made contact on twitter and you asked me to email you but i had the email returned to me. Hoping to hear from you. BRV


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