The Wonderful Wizardry of Oz: Another Year-Zero Production

The recent news story began, “Few races in the nation have attracted as much attention and money as the Pennsylvania Senate Race. Polls show a tightening race between Republican celebrity television doctor Mehmet Oz and Democrat Lt. Governor John Fetterman.” According to some political analysts, control of the U.S. Senate may hinge on the outcome of this contest.

(Read the entire article in pdf format in the viewer below or download the file by clicking on the link below the viewer.)

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  1. ase002 says:

    Öz Beg Khan (1282–1341) was the longest reigning Khan of the Golden Horde, a Mongol-Turkic nation. The predecessor states to present-day Russia were vassals of the Golden Horde, and there were many uprisings against the Khanate. Öz Beg Khan ordered the execution of many leaders of the Rus Principality, which was centered on Moscow. Washington and its accomplices are attempting to make Russia a vassal of the collective “West”. Mehmet Oz as a Senator will have influence on foreign policy. “Oz” in Turkish means “self”. “Oz” is a very common Turkish name. In Hebrew, of course, it means “strength” or “power”.


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