The Queen is Dead: Yet Another Sirius Affair in Year Zero

On July 6th of this year, Year Zero, a full two months before she passed away, I wrote, “The celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, or 70th year on the throne … will be quickly followed by her demise or incapacitation.”

(Read the entire article in pdf format in the viewer below or download the file by clicking on the link below the viewer.)

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  1. Peter J Shoobridge says:

    Always edified to read your assessments of this insanity, Kent. I don’t like it; but no one who has followed your work for the last several years can claim that they weren’t warned.

    Incidentally, The Queen is Dead is actually the THIRD album by The Smiths (after The Smiths and Meat Is Murder).


  2. John Mackey says:

    Your record on these matters is somewhat mixed, but hats off to you on this one.

    The way you draw the thread between Eliza from Memphis and the Queen is stunning. No way any reasonable person can not see the obvious and claim that it’s just a silly coincidence. When you add all the other elements and events that you point out, it makes for chilling and disturbing reading.

    Although I don’t agree with your characterization of these sickos as “elite”, you do clarify that they are psychopaths of immense wealth and power. This is so true. And I also fully concur on this point: often what they do is for pure kicks and mockery. (Here’s a real bizarre stunt or claim among many others: that farting cows are causing glaciers in Antarctica to melt, and thus their farts pose us all an existential threat … this would be funny if it weren’t that a sizeable number of the dumb sheeple take it seriously. It’s more bewildering than the farcical claim; anyway, my point is that their objective is obviously to mock and humiliate the average chump).


    1. Thanks John. I appreciate your observations.


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