The Demise of the American Stonehenge: A Sirius Affair

What?, you may be thinking. You don’t blog for half a year, and suddenly, two posts in three days?
Yes, and for good reason…

Dateline: July 6th, 2022 – Many are cheering the partial destruction of the Georgia Guidestones this morning, and their subsequent demolition later in the day. However, you may want to hold off on celebrating just yet.

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  1. steve white says:

    All scripted by the Jesuits to stir maximum emotional turmoil whether you’re shocked at the anarchy or cheering for the resistance, it’s all loose to them,

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  2. etscinemapsychomasonica says:

    Something you may have missed. On the night before Mazza Joe’s inauguration Turner Classic Movies, as in Ted Turner, was running a marathon of films, 8 in all. All film titles contained the word Joe. Then when they were done with that, after about 16 hours, they ran 6 films with the word Murder in them. 8 and then 6, for 86. This is a reference, I believe, to the old fashioned term 86ed for killing someone. The final film was Murder Most Foul in this series and then they ran Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes. Things then became random again. I have believed, because of this, since inauguration day that they plan to 86 Biden, or at least appear to, and then have Kamala somehow “vanish” from the scene. Maybe this is your secondary target over the Whitehouse?

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    1. I did miss that, good catch.

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  3. ase002 says:

    I doubt that the White House will be targeted by the Cryptocracy prior to the 222nd anniversary this November marking its opening. There are probably other Celestial Timepieces that could be demolished. Has anyone studied the layout of foreign or state capitals? Why jump from a relatively obscure site such as the Georgia Guidestones to the White House? Interim targets would make more sense. The Guidestones were Timepieces in their own right, regardless of their location. The location of the White House is its most important aspect, as it is anchored upon the entire layout of Washington DC. If the White House were to be demolished, the location would not change, and the Timepiece aspects within the White House itself are well documented.


    1. etscinemapsychomasonica says:

      ASE002, Back on November 30th of 2017 there was a VERY strange earthquake reported in, of all places, Delaware. They said it was a 4.1 and strangely occurred where no fault lines are thought to exist. Now for the bat shit crazy part that caught my attention at the time. The stated epicenter for this Delaware quake was said to have been exactly 88.88 miles from the Whitehouse according to YT channel Dutchsince who monitors earthqakes. I was very suspicious of him even pointing this out to his many thousands of followers. Why did he even look for this? This grabbed my attention at the time without even knowing Mazza Joe, of Delaware, was going to be the next occupant there because of the 88.88 being a clear coding for something NUCLEAR happening there. They use 88 consistently for this. Example: Hawaii nuclear psyop on 1/13/2018 occurred when everyone could look down and see the time 8:08 on their phones. Oh, also this quake occurred at 4:47, not suspicious at all…..


  4. ase002 says:

    Just some notes: Re-4:47-January 13th, 2018 is 44 days from November 30th, 2017. Obama was POTUS number 44. The next POTUS will be number 47, as in the 47th Problem of Euclid (Pythagorean Theorem), or WTC #7, which was built in a trapezoid shape, had 47 stories, and was demolished under mysterious circumstances. George H. W. Bush was the 41st POTUS (as in 4.1 magnitude Delaware earthquake). His “New World Order” speech was given on 9/11/90, during the buildup for the war over Kuwait, which gave impetus to the Cryptocracy’s hegemonic plans in earnest.


    1. etscinemapsychomasonica says:

      Trump and Mara Lago now raided by the FBI on 8/8…..


  5. ase002 says:

    Trump was in office on November 30th 2017, but the name Barack Hussein Obama (POTUS 44) is highly suspicious.


  6. Ryan says:

    Hey Kent what do you make of Bill Clinton standing before a jury on AUGUST 17 1998 that famous year of galactic alignment proper ? Kind of interesting considering THE DAY OF JUDGMENT is on AUGUST 17 2022 when the world will stand before THE JUDGE Jesus Christ and his jury the saints.

    That’s right Kent all this New World Order projecting into the mind of the masses is coming to an end AUGUST 17.

    Daniels Seventy Weeks – 23/9/2015-17/8/2022

    It’s me Ryan. The guy without the mark of the beast surname and all the bank accounts and property holdings. You know the ones that overcome the beast ?

    As me and you know it’s all in the numbers. August 17th is 17/8 like 178 and is the 229th day of the year. The rest is just added gravy…. Simple English Gematria




    May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you on that great and terrible day Kent. Peace


    1. John-John says:

      What a wackjob comment. are you mentally ill, pal?

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    2. etscinemapsychomasonica says:

      Ryan, I wasn’t going to say anything when I saw this a couple weeks ago but now that your date is well passed I just have to say that the Bible is crystal clear in Revelation that Judgement Day occurs at the end of Christ’s 1000 year reign on earth apparently right after Satan is released and then quickly subdued again. I agree completely that an emphasis was placed by these people on what appears to be the date 9/23 in a very abundant amount of films and TV over the last few decades. This is continuing even now. I’m still seeing it frequently in newer films and TV shows. I do remember in the past that they were indeed combining the number 15 with it as well which is why many people thought something was being planned for 9/23/2015 back in the day. In my my mind this 9/23 thing is still hanging out there in a big way, meaning SOMETHING, but we have no way to know what exactly that is. The Revelation Sign on 9/23/2017 may well play into this but THEY are clearly not done with whatever this number combination means to them because, like I said, it’s use is still so pervasive in all media. It’s going to be very interesting to see what pans out.


      1. ase002 says:

        The best exegesis of the Book of Revelation may well be that of Dr. Chuck Baldwin, which will commence, probably in six or seven videos, over the next few weeks.
        “I am only weeks away from beginning my series of messages on the Book of Revelation. I strongly urge folks to watch the first seven messages of my Prophecy Series BEFORE we begin the study of Revelation.” End Quote from Dr. Baldwin


  7. RYAN says:

    Hey Kent as it’s also on the topic of the guide stones I will also point out that this occurred on the day leaving 178 days left in the year. Prophetic imagery of THE DAY OF JUDGMENT if you know your Bible.

    Did you know that JESUS = 888 in Greek Gematria ? CHRIST = 1480 in Greek Gematria.

    JESUS CHRIST = 2368 Greek

    Interestingly Kent the 888th occurrence of 888 in the string of Pi is surrounded by 17s. It looks like this 1788817. Our date 17/8 or 8/17 is incorporated into this.

    The totient of 2368 is 288. 2x3x6x8 = 288

    From Bill Clinton’s standing on 17/8/1998 to 17/8/2022 is exactly 288 months. It’s also exactly 24 years later. 8+8+8 = 24. 24 hours in a day Kent times up when the clock strikes 24.



  8. ase002 says:

    ” Does the destruction of the
    guidestones foreshadow a future corresponding calamity set to befall The Peoples’ House, perhaps
    sometime between August 5th and 10th of this year on the first heliacal rising of Sirius?” In a sense, Kent was on the mark. On August 8th, 2022, what some consider to be the “Shadow Whitehouse” was assaulted. Mar a Lago is Trump’s most conspicuous residence. It was 8/8/45 in the US when The Bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, a predominantly Christian city, 77 years to the day (7×11) before the Mar a Lago raid. Fourteen years (7+7) before Mar a Lago, the Russia/Georgia war began in earnest. Is there symbolism here?


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