More 222 in 2022

As many of you are painfully aware, I’ve elaborated on the significance of the number 222 on numerous occasions, so you’ll be relieved to hear that I won’t go into detail on the matter here. I’m revisiting the subject very briefly at the tail end of the year because I’ve just discovered two more major instances of its intentional employment by the Cryptocracy—sitting in plain sight, as usual.

(Read the entire article in pdf format in the viewer below or download the file by clicking on the link below the viewer.)

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  1. zulu says:

    All knowledge is good. Ignorance is hopeless. No knowledge that you could possibly acquire could possibly be false because there is no such thing. Anyone or anything that tries to give you FALSE KNOWLEDGE, FALSE INFORMATION, will fail.

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  2. Would be interested in hearing if you think this “bomb cyclone” being timed exactly to hit on the winter solstice and in the midst of Saturnalia is just a coincidence. I doubt that it is. This occurred coming up on the second anniversary of the Nashville Christmas Day bombing where they parked a trailer exactly in front of The Melting Pot restaurant and blew it to smithereens. There were fascinating equivalents in Jewish and Sumerian gematrias for the name of this establishment including the phrases: I Hate Christmas and Nashville Bombing! The name Melting Pot is itself an effigy for the United States as a whole. There were also numerous references in the gematria regarding Washington DC and the vaccines. DARPA began openly bragging back in the late 90’s that they would soon “own the weather”using emerging scalar technologies. In this I take them at their word. I think the weather over Christmas was their handy work employed in yet another public solstice ritual.


    1. Also, isn’t the Winter Solstice what they actually consider New Years on their new Satanic calendar? I believe I read that here? So this storm would have marked the first day of year one?


      1. ase002 says:

        “I think the weather over Christmas was their handy work employed in yet another public solstice ritual.” Yes, it’s that “climate change”, ya know.

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