2021: Time’s Up

The truth will not only set you free—now, the truth itself is free. Or, rather, just as freedom is not free, neither is the truth, but it’s being provided here to you at no charge.

Why? Because this is The End. The year 2021 is the end of the current Great Age. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, I explain all that, but just know that it’s a long time—approximately 26,000 years in duration.

As anyone who has been paying even the least little bit of attention can clearly see, the Global Elite are going for broke, implementing their end game at breakneck speed in a mad rush to usher in their long-planned, full-blown New World Order. COVID19 is merely the spark that has ignited the engine of a global techno-fascist tyranny—and it has nowhere near reached full throttle.

Why now? Why is this happening at this particular moment in history? I explain why in my third and fourth books, both published by TrineDay:  Black Jack: The Dawning of the New Great Age of Satan (2019), and, 2022 and the Coming of God: THE END…Is Only the Beginning (2020).

TrineDay is providing access here at no charge to the full-color .pdf versions of both books to help spread this vital information as broadly as possible because time is running out: the last days of the old Great Age are quickly passing as we hurdle headlong towards 2022 and the official start of the new Great Age.

Clicking on the book titles above will automatically download the .pdfs of the books (11.4 MB and 3.7 MB, respectively), but they’re not entirely free. If you download and read them, and you truly comprehend what they represent—a compelling, convincing last-minute warning—you have a responsibility, one might argue, to share this information with others.

This is not about selling books, it’s about sharing the truth. However, if you want to support our work, buy the e-book or print version for yourself or as a gift at TrineDay.com, Amazon.com or other online and brick-and-mortar booksellers.

(Note: Before reading, I’d recommend scrolling through the .pdfs in two-page format just to see the spreads — TrineDay did a spectacular job on the layout and design.)

Want my perspective on what’s happening this year, in 2021? Read this: The Great Reset: A Mass Ritual in Motion.

Last year? Read this: Breathless: The unfolding script for 2020, the final full year of the dying 26,000-year Great Age.

Rather just have a good summary of everything? This is for you: CliffsNotes on the Apocalypse.

And here’s my Facebook author page: S.K. Bain.

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  1. Jaime Powell says:

    Fantastic Sir! -Very glad I found your work. Thank You!


    1. Thanks, Jaime! Comments always welcome. Feel free to email me at skbain68 (at) gmail.com.


  2. Stephen John Goulet says:

    Hello Mr Bain, I have been powerfully influenced by your works and I have read them all beginning with TMDBITW! However, I see you had previous works, “Prelude to the Opposite Scripture” and “The Opposite Scripture”. I am interested in these works as well to see what you had discovered previously and what nuggets may be buried in those previous works even if most or all of those insights are incorporated in later titles. Is is still possible to get the texts of these prior work electronically? They have disappeared in softcover.

    Thank you and keep up the work you do. Even as 2021 moves into 2022 your insights may still help us through it.

    Best Regards,

    Stephen Goulet

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    1. Stephen – Thanks for your message. I attempted to reply once here, and it never showed up–feel free to email me at skbain68 (at) gmail.com. Kent


  3. ase002 says:

    My guess is 2022 will be a year of laying the groundwork and logistics behind the scenes for whatever the Global “Elitists” have planned (beyond the current depravities). There are several major international sporting events in 2022 to distract people’s attention. The February 2023 Superbowl is in Phoenix, land of AZ. The Skull and Bones sigil date of March 22nd, 2023 (3222(0)23) may be the tipping point of no return. (As Mr. Bain has stated in one of his works, in numerology the zero in a date is ignored. The Skull and Bones fraternity regards 322 BC as the date Greece went from democracy to rule by oligarchy.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your message. I attempted to reply once here, and it never showed up–feel free to email me at skbain68 (at) gmail.com. Kent


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