Absolute Proof of Photographic Manipulation in the Zapruder Film

Click here for Chapter 19 of Most Dangerous: A True Story, with the original ending restored. The publisher considered the material too salacious and cut it (and after reading it you may agree with his decision), but in my opinion, it contains information vital to proving the central assertion of the chapter, which is that I’ve uncovered undeniable, indisputable evidence of photographic manipulation in the Zapruder film. (For those already convinced that the film was tampered with, here’s more fuel for the fire.)

Zapruder film frame 350 including sprocket-area image.

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  1. Arnold Elishewitz says:

    What are we looking at here? I know it’s Jacqueline Kennedy. Where is President Kennedy in this frame? Is that man holding a camera? What does frame 350 prove?


    1. Hi Arnold, thanks for your message. Click on the link in the intro paragraph to download the chapter in .pdf format. Just let me know if you have any questions after reading. Kent


  2. ase002 says:

    Sorry about my oversight in not clicking the link. So it seems that someone replaced the frame where the piece of skull was shown, with another frame that had an occult sigil. We need to find out if Mr. Zapruder had his camera turned off when the presidential limo was turning onto Elm St., or if those frames were deleted.


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