Nice Job

Nice Terror. Nice Attack. If you don’t get the gag here immediately, I wouldn’t bother reading the rest of this blog.

Nice Terrorist Attack

Nice, France, is of course pronounced “niece”, but what we have here is yet another example of the word games we so often find being played in staged attacks, part of the mockery we’re subjected to on an ongoing basis.

Speaking of patterns, where’s the obligatory “officially unrelated” simultaneous staged event? Ah, yes, a fire at the Eiffel Tower, with authorities issuing ominous warnings: “Do not spread false rumors.” Completely unrelated, don’t even think about suggesting otherwise.

Eiffel Tower(Left) The ‘unrelated’ fire at the Eiffel Tower on 7/14/16, just like the one at the JFK Presidential Library that happened at the exact same time as the Boston Bombings. (Right) And look what was going on at the Eiffel Tower last year while the Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris occurred:  Al Gore’s 24-Hour Eiffel Tower Climate Telethon, which had to be cancelled after just five hours. “The World is Watching”… “24 Hours of Reality” … you bet your a**.

BrusselsAnd, as an added bonus for the Bastille Day evening, twin explosions in Brussels, Belgium, as fires broke out less than two miles from the European Parliament and three miles from the European Commission offices. Authorities said that the explosions were deliberately set off but not, repeat not, an act of terrorism. No way, no how, no siree.

Okay, you want foreshadowing in the popular culture, too? How about a double shot?
Movie posters
(Left) Bastille Day is the French equivalent of the U.S. Independence Day, with Independence Day: Resurgence being released June 23rd, 2016. (Right) But that is admittedly a tad oblique—let’s just be direct about it. Bastille Day, the plot for which centers around terrorism in France connected with said day, was released in France on July 13, 2016, the eve of the Bastille Day mile of horrors. The movie stars Idris Elba, who, you might remember, also portrayed the main character in the 2013 biographical film Mandela.  Elba was in attendance at the December 5, 2013 London premiere during which it was announced that Mandela had just died. But that was just a coincidence.

Fifty ShadesAll that’s missing now from this diabolical scripted terror event is sex. But wait, maybe not. As it turns out, the sequel to the wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey, entitled Fifty Shades Darker, is currently filming on location in Nice, France. Nice.






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