TransAm: Transsexual America & the Luciferian Elite

Trans Am© Kent Bain

“Was Orlando really a false flag terror attack, Mommy?”
“Yes, dear, but just go back to sleep and everything will be fine in the morning.”

For those of you who are—despite everything that’s been uncovered about the true nature of 9/11, the 7/7 London Bombings, Aurora, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings and other similar events—just now waking up to the reality of staged terror, you’re in for a whole series of rude surprises and may just want to go back to sleep.

For starters, the orchestrators of these events intentionally leave behind blatantly suspicious clues, so if you’re just now beginning to recognize them, this means you’ve been so completely immersed in their matrix of illusion that you’ve either been unable, unwilling, or both, to see the handwriting on the wall.

Don’t misunderstand me—it’s good that you’ve joined the Land of the Awakened, but you’re not even out of daycare yet, and the global elite operate well beyond the doctoral level.  Even those of us who’ve been at this awhile can only hope to catch a mere glimpse of what they’re up to and do our best to make an educated guess as to what it all means.

asterix jpeg
As I detailed in a previous blog entry entitled, “Gay Terror: The Pink 9/11” (which you should really read because it contains relevant information that I’m not going to repeat here), the alleged shootings at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando were indeed a sophisticated false flag terror attack. However, this incident is unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg, and but one of the side tents in an unfolding carnival of horrors that is playing itself out during 2016.

This is not the ultimate in reality television, it is reality programming:  the programming of our world. It entails not merely an ongoing parade of staged terror attacks, but an action-packed script filled with industrial espionage, psychological warfare, mind control, occult ritual, sick humor and sadistic mockery. There is no season beginning or end—it is year-round.

The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, which was the Official Theme of the Year for the cryptocracy.  The Main Stage featured a string of contrived incidents involving Kennedy connections—among them the Boston Bombings (Kennedy was born in Brookline) and the simultaneous “officially unrelated” fire at the JFK Presidential Library only miles away—as well as other complementary side shows designed in part to heighten Americans’ sense of fear:  ricin-laced letters sent to President Obama and U.S. Senator Roger “Wicked King” Wicker (recall the anthrax letters post-9/11); massive industrial explosions in West, Texas, Mobile, Alabama and New Albany, Mississippi; and much, much more.

Trans Am books

How can we know for certain that these seemingly unconnected events were in fact related and part of some grand diabolical scheme? Well, for starters, you can read Most Dangerous: A True Story, which covers the events of 2013 in gruesome detail. And you could also read the book that this novel was based on, The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual.  Further, I highly recommend Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman. Beyond that, however, you’re going to have to do your own research or take my word for it, because we need to move on.

asterix jpeg
In light of the Pulse nightclub killings in Orlando, those with inquiring minds may find it interesting that this is the International Year of Pulses (Google it), as designated by the United Nations. Seriously. Just like last year, which was the International Year of Light, during which Paris, France, “The City of Light”, was center stage for all kinds of false-flag shenanigans, the ultimate aim of which was, of course, to honor the God of Light, the Light-Bearer, Lucifer. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

What we’re confronted with is not just an onslaught of staged acts of terror, but rather meta-level programming that in many instances invokes the mystical language of synchronicity to produce engineered synchronous events—artificial synchronicities. We must pay attention to proximity in time and various other types of correspondences, learning the symbolic language employed.

What is affected is a vast system of full-spectrum dominance, a dark-occult techno-fascist system of control so hideous and arcane as to be completely invisible despite existing in plain view.  Most are completely blind to it due to what has been termed “symbolic illiteracy”. Those who manage to catch a glimpse more often than not refuse to accept what they are seeing and thus attempt to ignore it, but begin suffering from a profound cognitive dissonance that renders them highly susceptible to subconscious psychological coercion.

By programming our reality, the elite manipulate our very consciousness to suit their own nefarious purposes.

asterix jpeg
It will probably come as little surprise to most of you that the 2016 Theme of the Year is LGBT, with a strong emphasis on the T. How extensively this theme has been employed, however, as well as the demonic nature of the overall script for the year, may well startle you and forcefully challenge your perception of how the world works.

I’m going to give you the Cliff Notes here, but the information provided will be sufficient for you to more fully reconstruct the script for this year which, of course, is only half over. We still have a Presidential election and the Rio Olympics before us, during which we’ll be subjected to God-knows-what. (One could certainly argue that being bombarded by high doses of Trump and Hillary is toxic in and of itself and constitutes a form of trauma-based mind control, and frankly it’d be difficult to contest that assertion.)

asterix jpeg
Again in light of the gay nightclub killings in Orlando, those with inquiring minds may find it interesting that President Obama just happened to be at a golf course in Saint Lucie County mere miles from Port Saint Lucie, the hometown of alleged Pulse gunman Omar Mateen, exactly one week before the shootings. Seriously. Of all the golf courses in the entire country.

Of interest as well is an “officially unrelated incident” the same night of the Pulse massacre involving the arrest of an Indiana man in Santa Monica who was in possession of three assault rifles and allegedly intent on attacking a gay pride parade in Los Angeles. You know, like the unrelated fire at the JFK Library that occurred at exactly the same time as the Boston Bombings. (There was a huge magnesium-fed fire in Los Angeles two days after the Orlando-L.A. incidents which produced spectacular fireworks, similar to several instances during 2013 where major industrial accidents coincided with or followed crucial events. Can’t have a party without fireworks.)

Trans Am 86
(Left) The fireworks in L.A., and (right) Omar Mateen’s wife being placed into the back of a squad car following the Orlando shooting, wearing a hoodie with 86 on the back, which is slang for getting whacked, as in “they 86’d Jimmy Hoffa” (80 miles out and 6 feet under).

Indeed, when one studies these types of events closely, patterns emerge, similarities in the scripts from one incident to the next. You learn to pay attention to the improbable (ie. statistically nigh-impossible) clustering of “thematically related” events, to the convergence of suspicious incidents in space and time.

One also learns to pick up on the morbid humor and blatant mockery so frequently infused into these staged events. So, for instance, the first survivor from the mass shootings at the gay nightclub to speak to the media is Angel Colon, which would be a perfect stage name for a gay-porn star.  “Dream Rectum” or “Sweet Anus” would probably have been a little too obvious.

Likewise, as noted in my previous blog, only two days before the Pulse attack, singer Christina Grimmie was also gunned down in Orlando following a performance with the band Before You Exit—a mean enough joke in itself, and you can probably add to it the fact that “Grimm’s fairy” is a term for an aging gay male, similar to “auntie”. More gay jokes.

And not to be forgotten is two-year-old “Gator Bait” Graves’ unfortunate underwater ride at Disney World. Exactly how, or even whether, that fits in thematically I haven’t quite figured out yet, but from the perspective of those orchestrating this morbid sequence of events in Orlando, you have to admit it was kind of a nice touch.

Trans Am alligator
(Left) Angel Colon and, well…

Admittedly, this is the one incident out of the bunch that could be chalked up to coincidence, but I doubt it—too easily staged. On the other hand, it could have been a conjured reply from the dark gods, a Satanic synchronicity in response to all that had been done in the name of the Evil One in Orlando.

asterix jpeg
I do suspect that crisis actors were present in Orlando, as in Boston and Sandy Hook, but I don’t believe that this means no one died or was injured. The use of such a tactic would certainly fit into the generous application of misinformation and disinformation strategies employed before, during and after staged events to confuse the public and local law enforcement. Mix in a few crisis actors and conspiracy theorists have all the proof they need that the whole thing was staged, when in fact the truth is much more complicated.

The brilliant psychopaths who run these circuses have no compunction about taking human life—quite the opposite. In many instances, the deceased and maimed are human sacrifices in a carefully-orchestrated act that is equal parts false-flag terror, psychological warfare and public ritual.

asterix jpeg
In Most Dangerous: A True Story, I explain the dark occult rationale behind the timing of the deaths of various historical figures and cultural icons, those who—even though aged and infirm they may have been—were ushered off to the Great Beyond on some astrologically (or otherwise) auspicious occasion with great purpose.  (And then there’s the simple fact that it’s fairly easy to kill a sick person without attracting a whole lot of attention.)

Trans Am Prince

Given the LGBT Theme of the Year in 2016, it is then almost unnecessary to note the (un)timely passings to two of the world’s greatest transgender icons, David Bowie and Prince, with the latter having died quite significantly on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday (remember that the Pulse massacre took place on George H.W. Bush’s birthday). Some readers are probably well familiar with the Illuminati star-whackers conspiracy theory, and, quite frankly, if I were Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner, I’d be getting a bit nervous at this point.

Trans Am Wheaties

Switching tracks, as it were, we also note the crash on June 3rd in Mosier, Oregon, of a crude-oil carrying freight train, whose contents ended up in the Columbia River, Columbia as in the District of Columbia and the Goddess Columbia, a big favorite of the elites.  Last year’s counterpart to this incident can be found in the “accidental” polluting of the Animus River in southern Colorado. In Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology, the anima and animus are the two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind: in the unconscious of a woman it is expressed as a masculine inner personality, the animus.  This directly correlates with transgender identity theory—an inside joke.

Trans Am Animus
(Left) Panhandle, Texas, with the smoke from the train collision rising in the distance, and (right) a real cool piece of art with some deep symbolic meaning that relates to the crap I just wrote above.

This year’s inside joke in Mosier?  The first transgender man inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame: Chris Mosier.

Trans Am Mosier
(Left) Columbia, holding aloft the torch of illumination, and (right) Chris Mosier.

asterix jpeg
By Presidential Proclamation, June 2016 was declared LGBT Pride Month, and as it happened, in June Prince William became the first member of the royal family to appear on a gay magazine cover. (Get used to this U.S.-U.K. conspiratorial collaboration element, it comes up a lot.)

Trans Am Stonewall
(Left) A kinder, gentler Prince William and (right) the Stonewall Inn National Monument.

Also during June, President Obama officially declared the Stonewall Inn—the birthplace of the modern gay-rights movement—a National Monument, and his Secretary of Defense announced the lifting of the ban on transgenders in the military. Earlier in the year, Obama appointed the first openly-gay Secretary of the Army, issued an edict mandating transgender bathrooms for every school in the land, and appointed a transgender man to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

asterix jpeg
Given that we’re in the middle of The Hunger Games: LGBT Edition, is it coincidence that the 50th Super Bowl was held in the San Francisco Bay area, or that the halftime show turned into a globally-televised gay-pride event? Perhaps, but probably not.

Trans Am Super Bowl
(Left) Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Rainbow Fest, and (right) the Not-So-White-House following the passage of the Gay Marriage Act in 2015.

Is it a coincidence that the Orlando shootings gave the world a reason, for the second June in a row, to light up its major monuments and government buildings in the hues of the rainbow (with last year’s reason of course being the passage of the Gay Marriage Act)?

In addition to being the adopted symbol of the LGBT movement, the rainbow is also closely associated with Lucifer, the Light-Bearer.  While many may be familiar with the exoteric symbolism of the rainbow, far fewer are familiar with its esoteric meaning related to the ongoing dark-occult enterprise of building a rainbow bridge to Lucifer (Google it).

Trans Am rainbow

The rainbow is a well-established Luciferian symbol, a perversion/inversion of the symbol of God’s covenant with man in the Old Testament. Painting the world in rainbows isn’t, then, just a gay thing, it’s a Luciferian thing, and the Orlando killings were a part of yet another Global Luciferian Megaritual.  (And don’t forget that Omar Mateen was from Port St. Lucie.)

Note: For God’s sake I hope I don’t need to make this clarification, but I’m going to anyway so I don’t get hate mail—I’m not saying that LGBTs are Luciferians.

asterix jpeg
In case you think that my last point regarding rainbows may be a stretch, consider the following:  Fox’s “Lucifer” premiered in 2016, and this year also marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan.  Further, one might recall the replica of the Arch of Triumph (part of the Great Colonnade at Palmyra which linked to the Temple of Baal) erected in London during May, which was mysteriously bathed in blood-red lighting at night (as was the Empire State Building in New York, ostensibly for completely unrelated reasons connected with the electoral primaries…right).

Trans Am Lucifer

The Main Show, however, again took place in Orlando during May at the 2016 Invictus Games, championed by Prince Harry and featuring wounded warriors as contestants in various athletic competitions.

In conjunction with the games, the George W. Bush Institute sponsored a Symposium on Invisible Wounds and the former president was in attendance in Orlando. So, you have the former Commander in Chief, responsible for sending so many service members into harm’s way in the course of two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (partly in search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction), and a representative of the royal family, both on location with First Lady Michelle Obama.  Nothing terribly sinister on the surface of that, necessarily—but it is never what’s on the surface that you should be paying attention to.

Trans Am Bush

In light of everything else we know took place in and around Orlando this year, it wouldn’t be terribly inappropriate to speculate whether the elite viewed the Invictus Games as a Circus Freak Show and got quite a bit of enjoyment from watching maimed servicemen and women flop around—soldiers who in reality sustained their injuries protecting and advancing the interests of the globalists, not “serving God and country”.

Trans Am Invictus

Even if this speculation is true, though, the wounded of war were not the only ones being mocked in Orlando—God himself was the primary target of mockery at the Orlando Invictus Games. “I AM Invictus” was the slogan for the event, “invictus” meaning “unconquered” to the masses, but short for “Sol Invictus” to the initiated.  Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, the Sun God, the God of Light—Lucifer. (Keep in mind that all this occurred in the Sunshine State.) The games’ slogan takes one of Yahweh’s chief declarations concerning himself, “I Am That I Am”, hence “The Great I AM”, and turns it on its head: “I AM (Sol) Invictus”, “I AM Lucifer.”

Mocking the Great I AM and his wounded soldiers, who unwittingly served the Light Bearer, and setting the stage for the subsequent mass slaughter of homosexuals in a mock Biblical judgment that provided the occasion to bathe the entire world in Luciferian rainbow hues—now that is truly (in)glorious.

asterix jpeg
After such a spectacular production, everything else sort of pales by comparison. Yeah, there was the attack on the Brussels’ airport on March 22nd, 3/22, leading some to surmise a link with Skull & Bones, whose numerical signature is 322 (most of you know that Bush Jr. and Sr. are bonesmen).

Trans Am Raoul

And mere hours after the Brussels attack we were treated to insanely incongruous and entertaining images of B. Hussein Obama doing the friggin’ wave with Raoul Castro in Cuba (yaaaay, blow that m****r f****r up), leading us to recall the leader of the free world’s highly inappropriate behavior (detailed in Most Dangerous) at Nelson Mandela’s funeral in 2013, where he and Raoul famously exchanged greetings.

Then there was the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804, which occurred exactly 804 days after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the 404th Boeing 777 produced (Error 404: Not Found).

But, in all fairness, we do have to give the cryptocracy high marks for the June Grand Finale (the whole production’s not over, not by a long shot), which featured—all on the 28th—a major attack on the Istanbul International Airport, a head-on train collision in the Texas Panhandle in the town of Panhandle (“panhandle” being slang for an erection), and massive explosions in Pascagoula, Mississippi and Mississagua, Ontario, near Dixie Road (more name games, and I’ve previously documented the elites’ penchant for blowing sh*t up and for synchronizing catastrophic events in the U.S. and Canada).

Trans Am Times Square

And last but not least, there’s this guy (above), a male model who, on the last day of LGBT month and the same day that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announces that transgenders will now be able to serve openly in the U.S. military, gets buck naked and turns Times Square to an outdoor gay-porn show.

Trans Am Ash
Yeah, we kinda thought you’d approve of that last item, too, Ash.

asterix jpeg
That’s it. Enjoy the rest of the show, and the remainder of 2016. If you can.

(NOTE: God only knows why you’d want to , but you can also download the above article as a .pdf by clicking here.)











6 Comments Add yours

  1. Arnold E. of Maryland says:

    I bought and read both your books in kindle and hardcopy. I first learned of them from Michael Hoffman. I surmise that “Most Dangerous-A True Story” was written under a thinly veiled pseudonym. I am writing this on July 8th, after the Communist stick, (Baton Rouge), Twin Cities (Double, Diablo) (Mockery of St. Paul) and Dallas (32nd degree) Trilogy. A few items- Angel Colon- Colon is Spanish for Columbus. Dates to watch: Recall that the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting took place on August 5th, 2012, the heliacal rising of Sirius, the midpoint of the 2012 Olympics, as you mention in most Dangerous. The Rio Olympics begin on August 5th, and exactly at the midpoint of the Games is the Talmudic holiday of Tisha B’av. Then there is the years 2021 and 2023. Twenty twenty-one is the 21st year of the 21st century, (see Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare), and 2023 is the third year of the third decade of the third millennium. There are many natural occurrences of the number 23, the vertebras in the human spinal column and the tropic latitudes being two, and as you state, the Cryptocracy is always looking for artificial synchronicities so as to mock God’s natural order.

    In 9-11 as mass ritual you correctly state that in 2001 September 11th was the First of the month of Thout on the Coptic calendar, but why? It is not the heliacal rising of Sirius (that was originally the summer solstice, and through precession became August 5th). I have been unable to find the reason. Also, as 2016 is a Gregorian leap year, the first of Thout falls on September 12th, when a major Muslim holiday begins at sundown. Just a few thoughts. Regards.


    1. Arnold – Thanks for your message. Although the site below doesn’t answer your question directly, it does a good job explaining how the discrepancy arose. Basically, it involved reconciling different calendars.


  2. Arnold E. of Maryland says:

    From previous comment. “There are many natural occurrences of the number 23, the vertebras in the human spinal column…”
    My mistake. There are 33 vertebra in the human spinal column. A better example is the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell.


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