Most Dangerous: A True Story

Following the release of The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual, on September 11, 2012, a series of unfortunate incidents befell its author, S.K. Bain. These events are in part the basis for an explosive new book by pseudonymous investigative author Sherwood Kent entitled, Most Dangerous: A True Story. The compelling backdrop for this intriguing true tale is the 50th anniversary of the J.F.K. assassination in 2013, and the action spans the globe from Boston, MA to Dallas, TX to Tupelo, MS to Phoenix, AZ to Pretoria, South Africa and beyond.

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  1. Matthew Crawford says:

    So The Most Dangerous Blog in the World isn’t a ‘Blog’ at all but a flog to get me to buy your books … O.K. – I’m hooked! I’m going to buy all three even though Peter Levenda is EMBARRASSING himself by writing with that controlled idiot DeLonge. Really! What writers won’t do to avoid working for a living! I remember visiting his publisher up in Oregon in 2009 who complained as to how he could not unload LeVenda’s excellent Grimoire of American Politics – so already he was being jinxed by the Satanists! Hmmmm … so reading these books won’t be safe – but it has got to be done!


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